Missed Approach at KMCO

Hi there -

Flew into KMCO from KPHL on AirTran 769 Saturday, March 4, and had to go around because something or someone was on the runway who “wasn’t supposed to be there” according to the flight deck. From my limited vantage point we were pretty close to being committed before he made his move.

Wondered if anyone saw the log and/or tracker. Also, can anyone tell me what the missed approach route is at KMCO for clear conditions landing from the north. I think it’s a BITHO approach?

I’m a newbie and really enjoy the site. Looking forward to being able to access archived flights - like this one to see where we headed while someone lollygagged on the runway!


It really depends on many things. Which runway were you landing? Coming from the north, the available ILS approaches would be 17L, 17R, or 18R. Neither missed approach takes you northeast of the airport.

18R takes you southwest of the field to Kissimme NDB and hold.
17R takes you south of the field to NOGGI intersection and hold.
17L takes you east of the field to PRESK intersection and hold.

You can download the MCO approach plates in the Resources section of FlightAware. Click on the link to the left for any airport or here for the direct link to MCO procedures.