Microsoft Discontinues Flight Sim

It appears that Microsoft has axed it’s Flight Simulator group:

That sucks…does this go for any tech support as well?

Good question. However, there is this:

The company apparently isn’t cutting any entire products as part of the new cost cuts either, though it did say it would try to better prioritize its investments

This leaves the door open for the ACES Studio (developers of MS Flight Sim, Train Sim, and others) to start up their own company and Microsoft outsource the sim development to them, and keep things at business as usual. So it might not be too bad, if the ACES Studio acts quickly.


I’ve had every MSFS since the beginning. The first one I had was in a cartridge form on the IBM PCjr. Before that I had an even lame’r one on the Timex T1000. Those were like the ‘pong’ of flight simulators.

I remember when I got FS95, I thought it was so cool that I could download aircraft.
I use 2002 still, since I don’t fly nearly as often as I should, I shoot approaches, and emergencies just for procedural sake. Then of course, after I’ve flown a perfect NDB approach with a Xwinds, I remove all weather (except a light cumulus layer around 4000 ft) and set up the F-15, and perform the best airshow anyone has ever seen. But for the record, I DO NOT!!! REPEAT DO NOT , record my flights and post them on You Tube :wink:

I have FSX and I love flying on it. Enough to join a virtual airline. Let’s hope someone takes up the call to create bigger and better flight simulators in the future.

My kids got me FSX for Christmas '07 and it pretty much drained my PC and never ran right. What a HOG. Finally over this Christmas holiday I finished building a box that could run it. Only played with the basics so far…and really nice with the graphics turned up above Atari level.

WHAT??? OMG!!! Say it AIN’T SO!!! I LOVE Flight Sim X!!! I hope they find someone to carry on the tradition! It’s all a domino effect, if those wallstreet guys hadn’t created mortgage backed securities!!! :laughing:

Can someone please rename this thread? FS is not dead and Microsoft has even said so directly. It is only delayed until the economy begins to recover.

then no one would’ve have been able to borrow money from lenders. NOW if lenders had not loaned money to people that can’t afford it… blame the lenders and mortgage brokers. Wall street was sold a bad product.

I dont have enough memory available to run FS X. I am disappointed. I might get another computer for my internet, and other stuff, then strip this one to OS only and install it soon.

i changed my mind on post. that shoould be blank.

directly to whom??? they are laying off people and your not scared your tech support might go with it, I am!!! :cry:

Microsoft laid off the entire team dedicated to this. They have no one to put together anything for FS, their words were that if they ever put out another MSFS, it will be a ‘flying game’, not a simulator.

Keyword: GAME.

In fact, here is the exact quote:

“We are committed to the Flight Simulator franchise, which has proven to be a successful PC-based game for the last 27 years,” Rericha added. “You should expect us to continue to invest in enabling great Live experiences on Windows, including flying games, but we have nothing specific to announce at this time.”

emphasis mine. More than likely, if one ever comes out, it will be branded a 'Microsoft Live" game, and not a flight simulator, as it needs to be. They are effectively turning it into an eye-candy popping game for those playing in the Game Zone.


hey tyketto arent people using FS to gain hours in certain aircraft? that would be considered sim time? i dont know.

Right now, only X-Plane is certified to help with training pilots for their Airline Transport Certificate, and that is with using X-Plane in a full motion sim. MSFS was close to leveling that playing field with using MSFS and ESP, but since both of those were being developed by the ACES Studio, that will not be happening.