Is Microsoft coming out with Flight Sim 2006?


I was wondering if Microsoft will be coming out with the new game anytime soon? Usually they come out evre two years. Where is it?


The best way to find out the answer to this is to either go to the Microsoft site or do a Google search.


MS Flight Simulator X will be coming out at the end of the year.


Yup, and Flight Sim X looks like it’ll be pretty spiffy too. It looks like you might finally get to fly above 100,000 feet. Of course, I’m sure the system requirements will be heavy. Now, if only Microsoft included a plane maker of the likes of X-Plane (which I am still trying to figure out how to use). Hopefully they won’t get rid of all the Century of Flight aircraft. Back when I was still a student, flying the Spirit of St. Louis really made me appreciate using the rudder at slow airspeeds.


It’s funny, I have come full circle in the world of aircraft simulation. I started with X-plane back in my Macintosh days, when X-plane looked as though the land masses were painted with water color. Just no detail whatsoever. Then, when I got my PC, I switched to MSFS, and was impressed with the add-on scenery and aircraft.

Now, I’m becoming increasingly annoyed with the horribly inaccurate flight dynamics of MSFS, even in good add-on aircraft, which is the most important aspect of the sim for me. I could really care less whether I pull up to a fancy terminal, or how much AI aircraft are buzzing around me. This is why I am tempted to switch to X-plane, especially with the release of their amazing global scenery.


Sounds like your ready for VATSIM.


Who said I wasn’t a member already. :wink:


I agree, realistic Flight Models is what I wish we had as an improvement in FSX


I like the realism of X-plane a lot better, but the one thing that I really find fun and entertaining with MSFS is FSPassengers. Does anyone know if there is a plugin/addon such as that for any of the other Flight Simulators (X-plane, Flightgear, etc?)



They reviewed it here: … 528p1.html

It’s also being released on a single DVD instead of 4 cd’s.


I looked into X plane a bit on their web page, but i still have a few questions for those of you who may have it.

  1. Does X plane have ATC?
  2. The scenery looks high quality, but is it like that in certain areas like MSFS, or is it like that pretty much anywhere?
  3. How often do they update their scenery? I know for MSFS, They blew up 3 rivers like 6 years or so ago, and I still had to install new scenery to get the new stadiums. Do they have the crappy autogen like MSFS, or do the buildings look like what is really there?
    I’m downloading the demo, but it only works for 6 minutes, and it wont be done for 20 hours, so i figured I’d ask.