Flight Simulator


Can anyone recommend a good flight simulator program for recreational computer use? Just wondering what the best version is that contains the best real word simulation of flying, airports, and planes that a non pilot would enjoy.


Depending on what you’re looking for.

For a non-pilot, wanting to enjoy scenery, traffic, and an overall experience, I would say Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, or Flight Simulator X. To add to that realism, you can find add-on planes and scenery freely at AVSIM (www.vatsim.net) will work nicely as well.

If you’re wanting something that gives you more feel and control over an aircraft, X-Plane (www.x-plane.com) would be another way to go. This one is actually FAA-certified for use in pilot training. It offers less eye candy than MSFS, but offers more realism as far as aircraft operations go. Scenery and add-on aircraft for it are also at AVSIM, and also works with VATSIM as well.



Thanks tyketto! For the Simulator X does it matter if I have a Mac?


I have FSX also. Love it!


Flight Simulator X will NOT run on a Mac. X-Plane WILL run on a Mac.


Thanks for the advice! it will save me time and aggravation!


Natively on MacOS? MSFS won’t work, but X-Plane will, like Gundah said.

If you used BootCamp (assuming Intel-based Mac), and installed Windows XP/Vista/7, then you could.



I would suggest X-Plane. They are about to release version 10. So version 9 can be had for $29 these days. I’m a fan. :slight_smile:

If you get X Plane, check out the x737 plane from here: eadt.eu/
It’s a FREE and incredibly detailed 737 for use with X Plane.