Best computer setup up to run microsoft flight/G1000 sim?

What would be the best setup to run microsoft flight sim? How about a suggestion for best G1000 simulator as well. I have the Satek Yoke, Throttle quadrant, and rudder petals. Thanks Guys, Chris

anything with a dual or quad core, and the more video memory the better, period.

A Mac

Do they make flightsim for macs?

As with the other suggestions, all the ram you can get…

My Mac also runs windows

Can’t go wrong with this IBM based system, provided you have a few dollars laying around that you don’ t know what to do with.

Sure, but it’s running Linux. And nobody can ever get their virtual machine to work correctly (not even the government) so he’d have to use FlightGear. He might get it to run, but his yoke will never work right.


Hey, I wonder how much MS would have charged them to license an OS on that beast?