Computer died.......

:cry: Im very depressed…the computer at my home with fs9 died, and it was a relativly new computer. The files still take up memory, but are completly and utterly innacessable, and all the icons are dead icons and exist as if they were blank files. :cry: :cry: :cry: :frowning:

It crashed, and there is no reason for me to still be into aviation. Me and aviation cant be together without my simmy, so there is no meaning to me visiting this site and watching once meaningful blips on the radar and visiting A. net :cry:

Does anyone have any advice or encouragement for me so i can get back up and flying?:frowning:

Don’t despair yet!!! Have you called your IT guy, or computer wizard? Why don’t you check in with some of the guys in the “flight simmers” thread. There has got to be a way to retrieve your data from your commatose hard drive. :confused:

Yes, we did, and one IT guy said it may require that we clear the hard drive, and another disagreed. After that, they took the besmirched computer to the computer hospital, where it is due to undergo surgery soon.

Hopefully they will be able to save the stuff, because it still exists as memory, only it cannot be accessed. :wink:

But if not, i better get those FS install disks ready, for im going to reinstall it and start all over again. :frowning: :wink: