MapFlightEx layers

Hello everybody,

I would like to do API calls to MapFlightEx web service but have some difficulties with the layer configuration.

Calling MapFlight with the following request works great:

and also calling MapFlightEx with

as well as

works. But when it comes to layers, I’m unable to disable any one the listed ones. Also the defaults seem to be mixed as european country bounaries are visible altough they’re documented to be disabled. Following the instructions discussed in I added quotation marks and plus signs but I could not get rid off the weather overlay.“radar”+“water”

Can you please give me a hint on what’s wrong with my calls?

Thank you very much in advance. :slight_smile:

Best regards

Images posted on imgur:

It appears that the layer_on and layer_off parameters are not working as expected currently. We’re investigating a cause and have created a ticket for this bug.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: The idea to provide such an endpoint returning map extracts and flight paths (expected as well as actual) is great and makes it a lot easier to comprehend flight routes in a visual way :slight_smile:

We’ve identified the bug and should have a fix in place by the end of next week for the layer_on and layer_off properties of MapFlightEx.