MapFlight and MapFlightEx return blank images


Whenever I make a call using those two methods, I just receive a blank PNG image (with the correct dimensions) but with no content. Not sure if the problem is me or the API.

Here are my Query Strings:

airports_expand_view=0&faFlightID=SKW6400-1379568664-airline-0376&latlon_box=0&latlon_box=0&latlon_box=45&latlon_box=45&layer_off=US state boundaries&layer_on=US urban areas&layer_on=US Cities&mapHeight=480&mapWidth=640&show_airports=1&show_data_blocks=1

MapFlight (Image was Enroute when I first attempted this one):

MapFlightEx layers

For MapFlightEx, you must use a single value with spaces ("+" or “%20”) between each value when specifying the arguments that are arrays.

airports_expand_view=0&faFlightID=SKW6400-1379568664-airline-0376&latlon_box=0+0+45+45&layer_off=“US+state+boundaries”&layer_on=“US+urban areas”+“US+Cities”&mapHeight=480&mapWidth=640&show_airports=1&show_data_blocks=1