MapFlightEx always returns blank map



I’m trying to get MapFlightEx working. No matter which ident and departure time i use it always returns a blank map (blue with flightaware watermark).

I tried various ways:

  1. I used GetFlightID (it returns an ID).
  2. I tried using ident@departuretime.

I call FlightInfoEx first to get an ident and departure time. I’ve tried the following:

All blank, but if I search for them on the website I see their map.

Please help!



I’ll try to investigate this today. I think this is only occurring with certain flights.


Both of those flights appear to map fine for me with MapFlightEx. Perhaps you’re invoking the function with incorrect arguments? Can you paste a portion of your code that you’re using?

EDIT: I see the Ruby code you supplied in the other thread. I’ll try to reproduce that here.


Yes this issue was related to my mistake in the ruby code.

Thank you again, and sorry for wasting your time.