MapFlightEx broken?

MapFlightEx seems to be returning bad images. The images just contain some large blue blocks, as if zoomed in to a ridiculous degree. No track is visible. This was working before Christmas, and I don’t believe I have made any changes to my code. Anyone else seeing this?

This is how I am calling it:

string] layer_on = new string] { “US Cities” };
var img = df.MapFlightEx(faaFlightId, 600, 600, layer_on, new string[0], true, true, true, new float[4]);

Update: I’ve found that if I explicitly specify the bounding box via the last parameter, the map renders correctly. But I would like the map to autozoom. This used to work – what happened?

Can you give an example of what arguments you were using when this occurred? We suspect this may be limited to certain types of flights.