MapFlightEx boolean parameters

Hi Everyone,
Using the REST API, I’m trying to generate an image of a flight map similar to the one that’s used on FA’s website. Using MapFlightEx, I’m able to get an image of the flight path, but passing boolean parameters, I’m not sure what’s expected to indicate true/false. For show_airports and and airports_expand_view, I’ve tried 0/1, true/false, and True/False and the images returned don’t seem to respect it (even though I know where the airports are on the map from using MapFlight). Here’s my URL:

Here is the image that’s returned:

KMIA should be visible in the bottom right corner. Also the map should be large enough to include the destination of the flight (KPNS in this case).

Link to the relevant part of the documentation:

Thanks in advance.

We’re investigating this. It’s possible there was a regression that is causing those arguments to get dropped.

Thanks. Glad to know it wasn’t me :smiley:

MapFlightEx should show orig/dest airports by default now, with zoom adjusted to include orig and dest in the picture.
If you ever want to turn off the airports, then you could use layer_off {airports}.

Let us know if the maps don’t show up as expected.