I just found the topic already discussed but I’ll leave this post for my comments. I did find the subtle scale but the black on dark blue field just makes it difficult to find. Something to highlight the area perhaps?

Apollogies if this has been previously requested but it would be a great addition to your flight map/traffic displays if a scale (in nm) could be displayed. As a former GA commercial pilot and now an avid flight simulation enthusiast (also a beta tester for the MSFS Flightsim add-on application Radar Contact ATC) I could use a sense of scale in unfamiliar areas so the target of interest distance to/from the airport can bbe estimated even for areas you show as active such as Canadian/FAA border areas. This helps me to understand the restrictions/operations of the observed traffic patterns in the expanded view.

Thanks for considering this.

I frequently recommend this site for terminal resources, flight plan examples, and observation of real traffic practices.


A quick search revealed this thread. … =map+scale


Then why didn’t you post your comments there?
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The indicated thread got out of hand on page 2.

I did look for the search button on this forum style but did not notice it. I should have since this forum software is popular.

For both LCD and CRT monitors the scale in white would stand out I believe with all of the backgrounds I’ve noticed. White would not tend to flouresce on LCDs losing resolution.


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