Mile scale


I just noticed the Scale on the small airport page. this is a feature I have been going to suggest :question: but someone beat me to it.
Why does it not show on the map full page view?
BTW, thanks for the charter membership.
I have about 4 famlies tracking our flights!


It should be there in the bottom left corner of the big map.


Ah ha! It was there all the time . I has to change my screen resolution to see it. OL fart here needs bigger screen ! Lol :blush:


The price on 17" and 19" flat panels has come down to the $200-400 range for very decent ones that support both VGA (analog) and DVI (digital), so you can buy one now and keep it when you get your next computer if your current one doesn’t already support DVI.

I recently bought a 19" flat panel as a gift for someone that ran their 17" CRT at 800x600. He has since switched to 1280x1024 on the 19" LCD & increased the font size; he has reported that the difference is phenominal.