Suggestion - Add map scale to graphic


Dunno if it’s possible, but could a map scale be placed on the graphics?

I.E one inch equals 10 miles. Maybe somehow get the distance of the flight divided by the size of the map and have the scale placed right on the map?

Would look nice on the flights that are short hops.



You mean like the scale that is displayed on the bottom left of all the large maps?


All maps, large and small, have a scale in the lower left corner.
It scales depending on the length of the flight and the geometry of the map image.


Oh *$%WE%^. I truly missed that.

Maybe the font could be a bit brighter (and bolder) as black on dark blue sure is easy to miss!



Don’t feel too bad. I’ve been a member since about November and hadn’t noticed the scale there. Black-on-blue is a bad color combination.


I assumed (until I looked closer) that only the larger maps had a scale because it would be hard to see on the small maps so why bother putting them there. Of course, since it is probable that the same code generates both maps, is it probably more bother to take it off the small maps.


I’d say it would be easy to see on both small and large maps, just make the font bolder and more contrast to the background.

**BRIGHT yellow **would contrast nicely against the dark blue background. Font would need to be bolded so it stands out better the the standard font.



Ah, the pure joy of trying to design a user interface that makes everyone happy. Myself- I find the current, laid back colorsceem soothing. I know that the scale is there, and if I needit , I can look at it. Otherwise, it is not a distraction. Bright yellow? My eyes start to hurt just thinking about it.


Black on dark blue - yeah, that’s easy to miss and hard to see.
Bright bold yellow - yeah, that’s distracting.
How about a happy medium somewhere in between…? Something a little more visible, but doesn’t cause you to focus your attention on it. White perhaps… or a dark shade of red…


No red on black! With my glasses, it always appears that the red text is floating above the black background. Let’s try white on blue.

I just noticed yesterday that the small maps also have a scale on them.


Oh, oh- put the high altitude flights in red- FA 3D, the next generation of flightrackers here today!


just wait a few hours for the 'ludes to wear-off :wink:


I gotta vote for orange on purple, simply because neither color has a rhyming word in the English language.

ORANGE on PURPLE … go, team!


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