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many problems

hello guys , am received the flightaware today and am installed as instructed by the flightaware .
the problem is i cant access to the ip address and i cant change my really location and i have problem withe radio for device he red mark :frowning:

you can see the problem http://im66.gulfup.com/Yp6ooN.jpg

my site info :

am form iraq baghdad not from Houston and i cant change my location , please help .

Looks like your feeder is off-line and has been since 24 December. Once the feeder is on-line you will be able to change your location.

Sorry, can’t help with why you are off-line as I’m new to FlightAware too

think you for reply , am same you am new in flightaware and the sent to me via ups from 31/12/14 and i received the feeder today and he work and online but i dont know whats problem .


he work now :laughing: :smiley:

That’s great! Thank you for feeding from Baghdad!

Congratulations … now need to put the antenna outside where it has a clear view of the sky.

i put the antenna in high level clear sky , but he still red radio Most of the time , not be green :cry: , am very tired from feedr :imp: .

i have problem in maps local , no aircraft seen .

is there a nearby transmitter on a similar frequency (cell phone tower).

yes tow nearby

Might need a filter on the antenna to prevent the receiver being overloaded by the cellphone signal, can you try the reciever in a different location see if it works better

ebay.co.uk/itm/B1602-SAW-fil … 0619017914

blackbirdengineering.wordpress. … er-design/

I have no idea how to connect these up.

thanks for answer , i cant buy this because am in iraq , but i was have flightradar24 and he worked but now he dameg , why the flightawaer not working . :exclamation: