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abs flightaware box

I’m have problems with my flighaware ABS box you guys sent me

i pluged it in to my tv on the hdmi part to watch it load up and it said

event erorr

and when loaed up i can see all green box and red Radio box does not turn green

please call me


jeremy balduc


We sent out a small number of boxes with bad firmware. All the receivers are able to automatically pull updates and fixes this issue.

If you box still is showing this error we can work with you to fix it.

still haveing problems

you sent me a bad antenna and probley bad box too

got 25 feet cable to the antenna and lighing arretor and 10 feet cable to the box

still not picking up


You are a ham and I guess you can probably troubleshoot and fix the problem with the antenna. :slight_smile:
I had the same problem as you with the box and it got fixed. Just make sure that you are connected to FlightAware.

I can see that you are feeding very little data. Maybe the antenna is not positioned or connected properly?


Hi, Can you pls check my Feeding data(VOHS HyD) I am getting less data. is this the same problem with the antenna position…

Hi Ramana

Well it depends on where your antenna is placed, the height of the antenna and the surroundings. I see that your feeder is in Kukkatpally area and there are lot of high rise buildings there. Direct line of sight to Shamshabad airport would give you the best coverage. Try playing around by changing the height and/or location of the antenna and see what difference that does to your data. I will be installing my FlightFeeder in Hyderabad next week. If you need any help troubleshooting we can talk then.



FlightFeeders send back data to FlightAware through SSH and grabs updates through our web server. The follow ports are need: to make outbound connections on TCP ports 53, 80, 443, 2222 and 7912 and port UDP port 53 for DNS.

FlightFeeders do not need a global IP address (they can be behind a NAT-translating router) nor do they need any firewall changes to allow inbound connections from the global Internet, although users on the local network can direct a web browser to port 8080 on the FlightFeeder.

The TCP ports are 53 for DNS, 80 for http, 443 for https, 2222 for SSL-encrypted data and 7912 for TLS-encrypted data.