Man nearly sucked out of plane

Had not seen this covered yet. … 8dd86.html

[ N22DT ]](N22DT Flight Tracking and History 27-Jun-2007 (KTWF-KBFI) - FlightAware) June 27/07

I saw that plane a couple weeks ago Lucky he wasn’t in a jet!

The story made Good Morning America this morning. Talk about being lucky!

Rant Time…KTVK Ch.3 in PHX just reported this story on their 10 pm news edition. 10 days later and only after it made GMA yesterday. Extraordinary story for the man involved and I’m thankful that he survived relatively unscathed… But can’t the damn media ever do just a little research to get the story right?..When describing the airplane they showed a picture of a Seneca (PA34) They’re ignorant and sensationalistic…I know that it’s pathetically about ratings…but come on…they’re just proliferating ignorance with this garbage…

The flight in question … KTWF/KBFI; the track log is more telling than the visual track, since they just continued ahead to Boise.

What must have been a test flight for return to service: … /KBOI/KBOI

Should I ever need a flight nurse, I think I’d request this gentleman. And his pilot.

I can’t even begin to imagine…