Man forced to sit on toilet during transcon


I guess jetBlue doesn’t have TV screens in the lavatories…


Haha, sounds like a shitty trip…

But really, whoever gave him a buddy pass just lost their travel privileges. They should have just turned him down.


There’s something not right about this story. It’s sounds like a sham to me.


The gate agent saw a seat available and gave it to the guy. Who’s fault is it that the flight attendant didn’t like her assigned seat? Certainly not the giver of the Buddy Pass. The blame lies squarely on the captain’s shoulders on this one IF there’s any truth to the story.

Yeah - I wanna hear “Paul Harvey’s The Rest of the Story” on this one…


Right… it says the pilot was not named in the lawsuit. If it were me, I’d be taking all the names I possibly could, including the entire crew.


I think the Pilot probably meant to hang out in the back near the lav, not to literally sit in it for the entire flight.

Still, not legal. If the FA didn’t want to jumpseat for an entire transcon flight she shouldn’t have given up her seat and if she complained to the pilot he should’ve just said there was nothing he could do because the person in her seat isn’t allowed to jumpseat.


I can’t wait to see how this shakes out. I doubt he made it up and the details seem pretty pedestrian.


Check it out! There’s a video on the linked page. Apparently (if I understand correctly), the flight attendant was off duty and is the one that gave the guy the buddy pass in the first place! :confused:

I’m willing to bet that the flight attendant will get a nice kickback from the guy’s settlement.

Edit: I didn’t understand correctly. She didn’t give him the pass. They simply made a deal where she would sit in the jumpseat and he would have the seat. So, she renegged on the deal… Well, tough $#|T. A deal’s a deal! If it did go down like this, I think I’d call my lawyer too!


There’s still something fishy about this story. Would Jet Blue only be obligated to refund the price of the ticket?


Well, that’s going to be their offer - NOTHING! That’s how much the passenger paid for the ticket. However, JetBlue may have broken the law by (allegedly) having a passenger sit somewhere without a seat belt or oxygen mask.

So, are we to presume that the pilot left the cockpit to talk to the displaced passenger? Maybe the pilot told the head FA to tell the passenger to ride the stainless chair, but the story makes it sound like the pilot communicated directly with the passenger.

If it’d been me, I would’ve asked to sit in the jumpseat in the cockpit!


Exactly! If the guy’s story is true, then I’d say the guy has a case.


Related, somewhat:


I just LOVE the guy’s drawing on page 4!


that’s great! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Of course, the airline could make an arguement about the benefits of being close to bathroom, so you can get there quick.


For those members who have joined recently, the Seat 29E topic was previously discussed - LINKIE
Note Continental’s official response on the matter :laughing:


Love that Texas sense of humor! We should give Needle a throne for pulling that thread from the bowels of the site…


Yeah we pass that around at work all the time.

But as far as what I said about the pass privileges, most airlines will revoke your priv’s if ANYTHING at all goes wrong with someone who is traveling on your passes. Regardless if they’re at fault, Jetblue will probably do the same.


I would be pissed on a trip across the country if I had to sit in the bathroom the entire flight. I don’t know what the crew was thinking when they thought that was an acceptable solution to the problem. Don’t let him board in the first place, but the can is not an answer.


I don’t know, sounds like he had a crappy attitude. Maybe he was placed there for his potty mouth, and/or toilet humor.

This really does seem crazy, has anything further come out on why the pilot would step out of the cabin just to tell him to sit in the can?


I say Shame on the pilots for allowing a Pax (or anyone) to occupy an unbelted seat, and what kind of of guy files a complaint for something that he chose to do. If you don’t like the seat, have some self-respect and get off the plane!