JetBlue flight attendant flips out!

Fed-up JetBlue flight attendant drops intercom F-bomb, screams, ‘I’ve had it,’ bolts plane down emergency slide!


A JetBlue flight attendant blew his top on an incoming flight at Kennedy Airport on Monday, dropped the F-bomb over the intercom and bolted down an emergency slide.

The mad-as-hell worker stunned passengers when he spewed profanity and boasted about quitting his job as the flight from Pittsburgh pulled up to the gate around noon.

“To the passenger who called me a m—f–er, f— you,” flight attendant Steven Slater ranted over the intercom, passengers said.

“I’ve been in the business 28 years. I’ve had it. That’s it.”

After activating the emergency exit and sliding down to the tarmac, Slater returned to pick up his bag and rode the AirTrain to his car parked the the JetBlue lot, cops said.

Slater stripped off his company tie and flung it off the train as bemused passengers watched at the Terminal Five stop.

Port Authority police arrested Slater at his home in nearby Belle Harbor, Queens. Charges were pending.

Just before his dramatic resignation, Slater had argued with a passenger who was trying to retrieve a bag from an overhead compartment before the plane was stopped.

Classic meltdown… some passenger has to have a video of that!

F-you! I’ve had it!!! :laughing:

When I was at the first of 4 regionals I worked at over the years, we flew Jetstream 31s from STL. SPI is just a short 87nm trek. We had 12 daily departures at the time. This all equates to weight restricted aircraft with the possibility of 11 other flights to get the delayed baggage in on. Throw in we flew to another Springfield out of the same concourse outta STL just to for more occasional mishaps. Im saying this during the time when the crews were “happy” with their contract and not writing up the aircraft as they could’ve been and were during times of contractual dispute and negotiation.

We usually had 1 or 2 mishandled bags on average per flight, more in the evening thanks to the 3 week experience ramp crew in STL during the evening shift.

We had our share of pissed off pax. I was working bag claims with a freind of mine. My pax was pleasant, probably a FF so they knew the drill. Cleve on the other hand is being told how things are going to happen etc etc. He took it for a while, and all of a sudden he stopped typing and told the pax, “Two of us care where your bag is at, and one of us is losing interest”. Obviously not calling him a MFer but still opened the guy’s eyes abit.

Scarin’ Squad, (SWAT - thugs disguised as cops) to roust the guy out and put him in pokey. I wonder where I can contribute to his defense fund…

I feel for the guy. Being a New York area resident, I can tell you that some people in the area think they can do whatever they please. (Assuming she was from NY). He worked the job for 28 years, hope he doesn’t lose his pension. If he is smart he’ll cash out on some talk show. What I don’t get is the beer. He looks more like a white wine kind of guy. :laughing:

WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO TELL US WHO THE OFFENDING PAX IS! NOW THAT IS GOING TO BE GOOD! She got up while taxing to grab her bag, if she fell she would be the first one to sue. :imp:

The wife is a former DL “stewardess” (the term used in those days) - she always stated that flights to New York always seem to have far more than their share of obnoxious jerks (after adjusting for drunks, which were universal ). Oddly, flights FROM New York didn’t seem to have the number of idiots.

Maybe it was Michelob Ultra Pomegranate Raspberry or Dragon Fruit Peach!

And let’s be perfectly clear here, I had to look up exactly what those crappy flavors were :wink:

Yeah, Ok :laughing:

I heard his friends gave him a hero’s welcome when he was released on bail!

(Not that there’s anything wrong with that!) :open_mouth:

I really love that picture of me!

ROLFLMAO!!! James your sooo politically incorrect. Shame on you!!!

:laughing: :laughing: I’m still laughing!!

WHAT??? How could you accuse me of such a thing! I’m completely sensitive and caring.

Besides, I found Slater a temp job doing lawns with this guy:

(Hypnotic… isn’t it.)

I always knew you were a horny little devil! :smiling_imp:

Been gone a while, come back to this gem…LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I found this animation of it: … d-version/
Anyone understand CHinese?

0:41-0:44, how the heck do they know that happened? :open_mouth:

That is a very good question that I would like to know the answer to.

It’s an assumption based on their interpretation of visible evidence.