Making AI Aircraft schedules?


I’m an avid Flightsimmer and would like to learn how to make my own flight schedules for AI Aircraft using the Airlines most recent info. Most of the flight schedules for AI Aircraft, available on and, are too old to be very realistic.
Any assistance or direction would be appreciated.

Regards, Ken


Go to the web page of the airlines you are interested in. Most of them have timetables that can be downloaded.

For even more realism you can go to the BTS on-time performance database to adjust your flights according to how often flights are on-time.


Yes I know most of the Airlines have timetables that can be downloaded. I was hoping there might be a program available that one could feed those timetables into to produce a flight schedule.
Thanks for your response. Ken


Search for “MRAI FlightPlans Compiler”. I believe that will do it, although I’ve never actually used it before.