AirlineFlightSchedules Noob



I was wondering if I could get some help on this! I’m looking to pull all of the flights from an airline in the next few months and then upload that information into my own database for use. I’m not too sure where to start this out, and would definitely like some help!

I have this:

INSERT INTO `database_name` (`id`, `code`, `flightnum`, `depicao`, `arricao`, `route`, `route_details`, `aircraft`, `flightlevel`, `distance`, `deptime`, `arrtime`, `flighttime`, `daysofweek`, `week1`, `week2`, `week3`, `week4`, `price`, `payforflight`, `flighttype`, `timesflown`, `notes`, `enabled`, `bidid`)

But could use any of the tips that you all could give me!

Thank you.


That’s just the SQL for the database insert. What programming language do you intend to use for the actual API access? Do you intend to use SOAP or JSON for the API access? Have you already been able to successfully make any FlightXML API call yet?


I’m assuming this would be my call? (example one) … irline=SWA

Now, if this is correct, how would I be able to take that or where would I go to make it able to be inserted into the SQL database? Sorry I’m so new to this :confused: Your help is greatly appreciated!


Okay after re-reading everything, I think I’m on a better page now. So basically if I want to get all of southwest’s schedules for a day or two, I use that kind of call that I posted before but with the different time codes, and then use the how many call to do more than 15? Say they have 4,500 departures within those two time periods, how would I set the call to get all of that? Then, how would I get it to the format like the SQL input I posted above, and then finally import it into my own database?

Thank you so much for the help on this! I know a great deal of patience must be required!


You can do either of the following:

  1. Iterate through the offsets in increments of 15 until you don’t get any more results.


  1. Use SetMaximumResultSize to a large number so you can get more than 15 results at a time, then make the query once. You’ll still be billed for each 15 results returned.