Estimating query complexity and costs...

Hello -

We have a project for which we would need scheduled flight data, and then some actual flight status requests. I am trying to get a feel for the complexity and rough cost of doing this in using the FlightAware API.

(Please excuse my novice level here - when I have an ideaa this is a good approach I will pass the ball onto smarter people…)

We want to look up the following:

Part 1) List all flights scheduled in the next 24 hours departing Airport X and heading to Airport Y. (We will have 14 variations on airport Y). Including flight number, departure time, arrival time. (This would be fetched up to 8 times a day.)

Part 2) For each flight above, enumerate the status of the flight and time to destination. (This would be fetched every 5-10 minutes during certain parts of the day - say 20 times per day total)

I am trying to figure out the feasability and rough cost of this:

  1. Which category of request these would be (of the 4 price levels)
  2. If these would be seperate requests for each flight? Or the 15 responses would list 15 flights?
  3. Can we filter out code-shares and only get one response per actual plane?

Many thanks, any direction would be appreciated.


I was looking FlightAware as a solution for something similar.

My use case is a bit easier because I am looking at all from certain airline flights coming into one airport.

For multiple airports/airlines you would want to use the Search call designating the airports that you you want. Something like this: … ight?query{in%20orig%20{KLAX%20KBUR%20KSNA%20KLGB%20KVNY%20KSMO%20KLGB%20KONT}}%20{in%20dest%20{KJFK%20KEWR%20KLGA%20KTEB%20KHPN}}