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FlightXML Pricing


I just wanted to get some clarification about the API pricing and that I have calculated it correctly for my scenario. I chatted to the Flightaware support but they told me to post about it in here.

My company is looking to build a site for our aviation focused client. On this site we will have a page that displays a custom world map which will show all A320 planes currently in the air and is updated in real time. This map will be very much like the map seen on your flightaware.com site e.g flightaware.com/live/aircrafttype/A320
I think there are roughly around 1000 A320 planes in the air at any time.
The user will be able to click on a plane in the map to view more details about that plane and its current journey. i.e flight number, distance travelled, number of passengers (if possible)
I’ve had a look through your API documentation and pricing, and just wanted to get a bit more clarity on what is possible with the API and the expected pricing.

Its’ looking like we will be calling the API many times in order for the map to appear to be updating in real time. Ideally every few seconds. And then there will be additional API calls when the user clicks on a plane.
I’ve worked out that if we did a call to the Search() Api every 3 seconds, this would workout to be nearly 1 million calls per month. which according to your pricing, is $1,300 per month. (0.0013 x 1,000,000)

Have I worked this out correctly? Or is there a better way for me to get real time data from your API.

I’ve read in the docs that every 15 results that the Search() api returns is considered a call. e.g if search() returns 1000 results, then this would cost 0.0013 * (1000 / 15) = $0.086 meaning over a month = 0.086 x 1,000,000 = $86,000. Is that right?


Hi Antony,

A live data feed (Firehose) of all aircraft positions (ADS-B, radar, etc.) would probably be a more effective (and cheaper) solution than constantly hitting FlightXML every 3s. I will reach out to you directly via email to discuss.