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AeroAPI 4.0 Pricing / Request

With the new announcement of the AeroAPI 4.0. Which I can’t test with my current API Key. I feel that the pricing of it is a bit too much. With that said, I would like to know what is the average number of request people are doing on here…

Currently my app is doing about 40k to 50k calls per month. I am now feeling that I am going to have to look for different alternatives.

Hello Jhoan, I have emailed you directly to discuss. Thanks.

Increasing the cost of /airports/{id}/flights 2,000% from what was announced FXML3 is completely unreasonable.

FlightAware has always been great with their customer service (even if it moves at a glacial pace), and their data is the best in the business, but this pricing is a slap in the face.