Crazy High # of API Calls Charged


We just signed up 2 days ago, and have been doing some basic development/testing using the AirlineFlightSchedules endpoint. Upon logging into the dashboard at the end of the day yesterday, SURPRISE, our total API calls logged were just shy of 25,000 (with the associated bill to go along with it!)

I called the company phone number and spoke to customer service, who subsequently referred me to this forum.

During one 3-hour period, over 5500 API calls were charged to our key - with several others in the 3000+ range for an hour or 2 period. Clearly there is a mistake here as the only API calls we made were initiated manually, and my (barely) opposable thumbs can’t even push ENTER that quickly :slight_smile:

The API is pretty much what we are looking for to supply the data for our web service, however I have some concerns, obviously, about reliability of accounting/billing if we are to move this from dev up to production.

  1. Please let me know what I need to do to have our API calls reviewed, and most importantly figure out why this happened

  2. Please remove the calls/charges from our account. We are operating in essentially a sandbox/dev mode and it’s laughable to have amassed a $174 bill in 24 hours

  3. Is there a way to put the account into “sandbox” mode so we aren’t nickel and diming while we are making test/dev calls?

It’s a great service so far, aside from the above, and I’m hopeful we can get this all straightened out.



I have let the team know that you were looking to have the calls reviewed. It does appear that you adjusted SetMaximumResultSize to 150, which for each call, could be up to 10 queries per call as 15 results is equal to 1 query.


Yes, I set the max size to 150 in an attempt to speed up the retrieval of all flights on a given route. I understand that we will be charged 1 API call per 15 results. That still doesn’t explain ~25,000 calls in 24 hours. I have the results of our calls stored locally, and it should be something in the order of 200-300 calls, as we have made around 30-40 manual attempts (not every call had a large result set - i.e. ATL-ATW on 12/20 is < 15 results => 1 API call)

I look forward to your response.


Ok, thank you for that. The team is looking into the logs to see what happened. Will be back in touch.


If you have some documentation of what your queries were and what the results were, I would like to look at those. You can email them to me at collin.white@flightaware . com


Hi Collin,

I sent you an email yesterday. Has there been any further result on this?



The customer support here is not meeting expectations.

I called the phone number and they sent me here to discuss a billing question in public - approximately 10 days ago. I understand it’s been Christmas but what do you suggest I do to move this down the road?

Specifically we need to have the ~25000 erroneous API calls removed from our record and not be charged on the upcoming billing cycle.

We are now reluctantly using your API for production calls with our members (and would love to be able to count on your service going forward) but I’m not getting a warm and fuzzy feeling, being that we can’t get a simple resolution to this issue.

Please advise ASAP


I have sent you an email with how we will handle the account. For the posterity of this topic, it does appear the calls were made by your program, but we are going to take care of the account for you as discussed in my email. Hoping this makes you a little more warm and fuzzy through these winter months.


Thank you Collin