XML 3 - Pricing Question

I’ve an app and request information for all flights worldwide 6 times per minute.
I’ve an app that requests only information of registration N123AB, 6 times per minute.
Will I pay the same?

If data is requested from the server 5 times and it returns 10 flights per call, is it 50 queries or 5 queries?

In FlightXML, you are charged by the number of 15-result “pages” of data returned by the function call you request.

So if you call our server 5 times and it returns 10 flights per call, then that is billed as “5 queries”

OK. If you call with a lat/long boundary an it returns 1000 flights?

Then it will be 1000/15 = 67 queries.

So customers have to Sign-up based on what they estimate their usage to be. I have to estimate how many requests & responses app users will generate before I buy, correct?

So if I estimate that I will have 20,000 queries in a month, so say 20,000 queries / 30 days = 666 queries per day = 27.75 queries / hour. Then I choose the SLIVER Plan?

OK. Let me totally simplify this.

I’m developing an app that tracks flights worldwide (just like yours, FR24 etc.) I want to source flight data from you.
Whats the best solution. What solution would you recommend I buy?

Pick the plan level that provides all of the functionality you need (don’t look at the request limits), and then ensure that auto-upgrade is enabled. You will then be upgraded to a higher plan when your usage exceeds the request limits of your original plan (rather than being cut off for the rest of the month).

Is there a continuous TCP-IP feed with the data?

Yes, Firehose. Contact sales at +1 713 456 3068 for pricing for your application.