Push Notifications in FlightXML3

Hi There,

I’m just wondering if pushed notifications are are available yet in FlightXML3.

I’m looking to receive a POST at my server endpoint each time a particular aircraft takes off or lands.

The website suggests it’s not yet available but this is contradicted a few times on the site so hoping someone can set me straight.


Not yet. We will be adding that over the next few months, but we haven’t started on that feature yet. It is available in FlightXML2 though.


I’ve an app and request information for all flights worldwide 6 times per minute.
I’ve an app that requests only information of registration N123AB, 6 times per minute.
Will I pay the same?

If data is requested from the server 5 times and it returns 10 flights per call, is it 50 queries or 5 queries? That’s my main question.

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In FlightXML, you are charged by the number of 15-result “pages” of data returned by the function call you request.

So if you call our server 5 times and it returns 10 flights per call, then that is billed as “5 queries”


This is just for a small personal project of mine, basically trying to log the details of my flights into a spreadsheet. Is there a cost-free option for flightxml2?

There isn’t a free or trial version of FlightXML2. FlightXML3 has a free starter version, but the result and rate limits are low and is meant more for trying things out than use in a production system.