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Billing Question and Queries

Hello every one,

I am not sure why this is not getting through my head, but before I commit, I wanted to clarify. Please tell me if I understand the way this works, properly.

I submit my credit card information to my account. I get an API key, that then allows me to create URI queries. The pricing list, shows how much per query I am charged a month. The classes show what information is included in each class.

Here is where I get lost, but I think I have it figured out … I am not committed to a class. In other words, I am not saying I need to purchase class 2 or class 3. I can create my queries as I need them, and then depending on what I asked the flightaware server for, is how much I am charged. I also don’t receive all the information from each class, as each query is for a single piece of information: i.e. Class 3, Item 10 for one single query about a single airport METAR. If I need the METAR for 100 airports, then that is 100 Class 3, Item 10 queries.

Am I getting how this works?

Thank you and regards,

Jon ( Sven2157 )

You will be charged 100 for queries in this case. However, certain situations would dictate otherwise. Read the paragraph about “The query count” here: flightaware.com/commercial/flig … _class.rvt

Oh, that’s huge. Thank you. That must have gone right over my head while I was reading through … Does anyone know that MAX per query? Or does this vary based on the service you are requesting?

The pricing is all based on the service (method) you’re requesting and your request volume. The most expensive query is $0.0120 (1.2 cents) for the class 1 queries at low volume.

Right, I get that.

I was wanting to know what the maximum is on requests. Like can I request say 1000 METAR reports for 1000 airports in one go?

The Metar function only accepts a single airport code as an argument.

So no one can answer the question?

What is the limit to “SetMaximumResultSize”? Regardless of the service/method requested …

As I said, you can only request one airport at a time with the Metar and MetarEx function. It is not possible to request multiple airports with it. The MetarEx function does allow you to retrieve multiple weather reports for the same airport code, however.

There is no enforced maximum when using SetMaximumResultSize, but you begin to run into other limits such as maximum response processing time and memory size limits of a single response, which are difficult to describe in specifics. Generally I would recommend using a maximum no more than 1000 though, just for responsiveness and sanity.