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AirlineFlightSchedule - Billing


Have a question about how FlightXML bills the retrieval of flight schedules. According to the documentation and pricing details, looking up an Airline flight schedule is a Class 1 query billed at X.XXXc per query.

When you for example, look up the flight schedule for a given airline on a given day, does this count as one single query or one query per flight result returned?

As with most FlightXML functions, you’re billed one “query” for each 15 rows returned by the function. To return more than 15 rows, you must explicitly opt-in by calling SetMaximumResultSize with a higher value.

Thanks, I see.

So if my query is expected to return 150 results I will only see the first 15 unless I use the SetMaximumResultSize?

If I do SetMaximumResultSize to 150, I will get 150 results but will be billed x10?

Correct. Typically you would call SetMaximumResultSize once with an extremely large value that would act as a failsafe limit, and then use the howMany argument to the function with whatever maximum number you specifically want from that request.