What is a query?


Say I did a Search function and had the howmany at 10. Would that be considered one query or 10 queries?

Also, say I searched all SWA codes, what exactly would it return?


Up to 15 results are considered 1 query; 15 is also the default max result size. If you increase the max result size to 150, and do a query that returns 120 results, you’re billed for 8 queries.

It would return 15 SWA flights with the default max result size.


Thank you for the response. So, just to clarify, say I did FlightInfo with a max query of 100 every hour for 100 hours (adds up to 10,000), would it cost about $3.06?


100 results = 7 queries
Repeat 100 times, you are billed for 700 queries.
700 * $0.0079 (FlightInfo is a Class 2 query) = $5.52


Last question, what is the maximum amount of results at a time that you’d recommend?


As many as you’d like. Beyond a few thousand gets a bit silly. You may also notice some queries perform slowly with larger numbers of results.