Southend Airport (SEN) - Schedule vs Real-time

I’m developing a system for Southend airport, and I am relying on the schedule and real-time feeds from FlightXML3 for the data, but at the moment, it seems unreliable.

When comparing the schedule (AirlineFlightSchedulesResult) against the actual (AirportBoardsResult), there seems to be a lot of missing scheduled flights.

For example, the schedule says BEE6252 should have arrived this morning (5th Dec 2017) at 10am, but there is no record of it (or it’s alternate ident EIN8472) in the real-time json.

The real-time json shows correct flights either side of this one, so I’m not sure what’s happening.

Can anyone help?

This appears to be due to a data consistency issue with this flight. I’ve opened an internal ticket to investigate.

A fix has been made and improvements to that flight should begin to be visible in a few days. Let us know if you see any other specific flights that seem to be incorrect.