Missing flight (SEN)


Feb 15 2018
BEE6025 Scheduled to arrive at Southend airport @ 13:20 doesn’t appear in the results from FlightXML3/AirportBoards call:


It DOES appear on the flight aware search page which says it is scheduled at 13:00 and landed at 13:10.

Can anyone explain why it isn’t appearing in the AirportBoards result?



We’re opened a bug to get to the bottom of this missing flight. It looks like this flight was never shown as departed on our end, making it ineligible to appear as an arrival.


Great. Can you keep me informed of the progress please. This project is now live, so the end customer is asking why flights are not being tracked correctly.


@dogrock Any updates on this problem?


We’re still looking at it, hoping to have some more information soon.


Any news on this bug? We are still seeing quite a few scheduled flights missing from the real-time feed every day. So far today there are 7 out of 30 flights missing.


BEE flights should be showing normally at this time. When querying through Flight XML 3 the originally missing flights will likely appear with the additional atc_ident similar to STK.