Lufthansa, A340-600, LAX, June 25, 3pm


I took a picture of an arriving Lufthansa A340-600 moments before touchdown at LAX on June 25 this year. The picture did not include anything to identify this particular aircraft. I didn’t worry about it at the time, on grounds I had been able to make identifications based on time, location and airline by using FlightAware’s data. (The aircraft would have touched down almost exactly 3pm that day.)
That’s no longer possible it seems to me (unless paying is acceptable)
Anyone know another path to arrive at this kind of data? (I’m looking for registration number)
Planespotters shows Lufthansa operating 24 A340-600…





…wow…thank you!

…of course I’d like to ask how you did that, but…I don’t want to push it… : )

…much appreciated…!


Enterprise account on FlightAware gives the registration.



…I understand – that’s great…

Thanks again for helping so quickly – it’s rare that I wouldn’t be able to figure out the registration and this time, the plane surprised me by coming right at me (when it normally wouldn’t have)…I decided to “fire away” when it passed over and so…since wing wasn’t included enough, there was nothing…(but the shot was good, so I kept it)
I could have simply driven to a point and used binoculars to read number, but…I didn’t…