...I wonder where that plane is right now...

Is there a way of locating a particular plane (anywhere in the world), if you have the registration number, at any given time?
…I did check the frequently asked questions and the topics here and I tried to do it, but found no provision for it…

Also, as a test, I searched for whatever Virgin Atlantic planes were en route to LAX just now and there are two, one A340 and one Boeing 747, but I could not find a way to identify the specific aircrafts…that data is obviously known, but where and how would I find it?

…Thanks! – That looks interesting – will study later – today March Field Air Show…!
…but that’s a “confirm” then that through FlightAware, there are no tools for this type of search…

We have comprehensive worldwide registration marks for Virgin Atlantic. Put any tail number from their fleet in the Flight/Tail # box on the left.


…yes, I see – Thanks. – I just tested that with one of my “alerts” – G-VFAB and find that this particular plane apparently is in Miami as of right now. (May 21 am Pacific time)
There is a picture of this plane that is rather remarkable –

flightaware.com/photos/view/7393 … crafttype/