Love the MD-11?


The MD-11 has a place in many aviation enthusiasts hearts. Does it have a place in yours and why?

VIDEO: LH Cargo MD-11F


It does in mine because I actually received some sim time at American Airlines in an MD-11 sim when I was in high school.


I’m guessing it was a great experience.


Here’s a cool vid of an AA MD-11 flying the Canarsie Approach to 13L at JFK,


It was truly awesome. Part of the trip included time in an ATR-42 sim and MD-11. I had never experienced a full motion sim of that kind before. By the time we were done flying the MD, I had forgotten we were just sitting in a building in Fort Worth, instead of soaring around San Francisco.


I’d love to do that. You’re so lucky to have done it.


It was a deal American Airlines did for the Air Explorers. They invited 23 explorers from around the country to spend a few days at DFW and tour their facilities. It was supposed to become an annual event, but I don’t know if it made it past the first year. To apply for the trip, you had to write an essay.


Yeah, when I was instructing I had the opportunity to fly with about 15 teens who were considered “At Risk”. 20 min each, was told to just let them fly the plane a bit. I never would have known any of these kids had been abused, had drug problems, etc. It was something new and exciting to them so I guess they forgot about their problems for a few minutes. Anyway, the gentleman over the program invited me to go to their next field trip which happened to be Delta HQ in ATL. He said I could get some sim time. With 500tt, I jerked his arm off. Long story short, I got 25 min. in the DC10 sim. It was pretty ugly, (didn’t crash but blew the tires and brakes after the visual ILS) but it was awesome. I remember going into reverse after touchdown and the IP (Capt. Corey) told me I would have to push the nose down because of that high center engine. I asked him if I could log the time in my logbook, he said “sure” so i pulled out my logbook from my backpack and he made the entry. I felt like one of those kids. Anyway, I know its not the MD11 but it still has 3 engines.


I have worked a bunch of MD-11’s over the years. Pax and cargo are both very ramp friendly aircraft. We turn and burn one every night up to MEM. She will be flying for a long time 8)


I love the MD-11!!! Two of my most memoriable MD-11 rides were on Delta MCO-LAX, 1992 with 50 pax on-board, I was one of three pax in first class. The second was PDX-CVG in 2000 with 20 pax on-board and me being the only pax in first class. Our flight was delayed 8 + hours and they re-accommodated everyone on other flights. From a pax stand point the MD-11 was an awesome ride!


Never flew in one. But I had a model as a child and still think they are one of the coolest looking around. Those fences look awesome


Here’s a cool vid of an AA MD-11 flying the Canarsie Approach to 13L at JFK,

If you look closely, you will see that this is a MD10-10 and not an American MD11. Quick clues: Landing gear indicator, throttles ,and fuel shut off levers.[/quote]