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MD-11, still flying after all these years!

McDonnell Douglas MD-11F (Z-BAM) from AV Cargo Airlines take off at VLC 18-12-2013.
Date of Manufactur:12-1995
Age:18.1 Years.


First seen in VLC, replacing the IL-76TD on the same route

18 years isn’t that old for an aircraft. There are some 747’s and DC9’s flying that are 40 or more years old. There are some A320’s that are over 20 years old and that aircraft is still in production!

Other than having 3 engines, the MD-11 is a very modern aircraft with a 2-pilot mostly glass cockpit.

Just dug into Airfleets. US’s oldest 737-400 is 25.7 years… WN has one at 29+

I see MD-11’s of FedEx and UPS flying into OAK daily. It was a bust as a pax aircraft but is doing pretty good as a freight hauler.

And still doing passenger charters too,

Michigan State to Rose Bowl

flightaware.com/live/flight/WOA3 … /KLAN/KLAX

World will also fly Florida State to Championship Game on an MD-11.