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 This is my first post. I was wondering if any of you out there fly for fedex like me feel about our on comeing A380s. Honestly i think it is good and bad. The reason i like the idea is becaue of the new aircraft feeling and the possibility that i might move up. But i don't like it because of the whole "getting rid of MD-11s talk". Our CEO says no way we won't get rid of the MD11, not right now that is. But i can't help to wonder. My 1st officer and i joke that if they get rid of th MD-11 they'll have to drag us out kicking and screaming. :laughing:


Do the MD-11’s do a lot of international flying for FedEx. It’s my understanding that the A380’s will be used for long-distance international flights only.


Yeah, i seriously doubt that FedEx would get rid of its backbone, the MD11, for the A380! And Welcome to FA!


Isn’t FedEx an airline? Just where do you get off posting this in GA forum?


Now, now, now…

Don’t try to get into the newly dubbed “Group of 9” already…

Besides, PAC-10 is already used…and has copyright laws attatched to it.


#12 Fan?


Sorry i should have put this in the Airline Forum but i didn’t see it. Again terribly sorry. And yes we do, do a lot of international flights. I’ve flown to Sydney before but it was a long flight :laughing:


Missed that one…WOW…doesn’t happen often…


Lame reference to Seahawks 12th man controversy. Texas A&M owns the number 12. Paul Allen painted #12 on the team 757 (N756AF) for trip to Superbowl. The Seahawks will continue to use the trademark – under license. That is legal speak for Paul Allen giving a lot of money to Texas A&M.

Seriously now, I was just kidding about placement of this post in the GA forum. I don’t care.


Is the A380 gonna give FedEx an excuse, good or bad, to eliminate flights by condensing routes, or will it be used ONLY as an ultra-long-haul carrier to eliminate fuel stops, etc.?


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From what i hear from my boss is that basically the A380 will be used for ultra-long flights. Don’t get me wrong i like the idea of A380’s but i don’t know to much about the out come. They don’t tell me much.


In other words, just like I posted in the topic Singapore A380 (scroll down to the first Marvin the Martian you come to).