A380 Coming To US


Does anyone know when the A380’s first flight to the U.S. would be and where will it be?


One thing I learned in the short time I’ve been a member here… ya gotta be careful on using the “A” word around here… Lots of Boeing fans get offended easily! Gotta say I’m a big fan of Boeing too - Long Live the 747! Still, I wouldn’t mind catching a glimpse of an A3… I mean one of those big birds from Europe!

I haven’t heard anything about a flight here, but that doesn’t mean a whole lot. I imagine there’s probably a lot of certification procedures that need to happen before it can fly overseas - I remember that was a big deal with the 777 (but then the big deal was that the 777 only has two engines). Still, it’s probably gonna be a while before us yanks catch a glimpse of her over here.

I would start my search at Airbus’s Web site:

At the top, they have a “Press Centre” tab… see if maybe they’ve announced a date. If nothing there, you could try registering in their press room - I imagine you’d could sign up for emails for such announcements when the news media gets it. They also have a “Contacts” link on the main page which reveals a North American address and phone number…


It’s already flown overseas as part of the certification process. It did cold weather tests in Canada. It has also been flown to the far east and Australia.


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Cannot remember where I read it but Orlando is to host a public relations visit before the year is out. We are preparing for it at MIA but belive it is a couple of years away.


Yes. The upper corner of MCO’s website has a little icon that says something like “A380–We’re ready.” This is from several months ago. I’ll check to see if it’s still there. I would imagine Virgin Atlantic would be the airline to fly the whale into MCO when (if :smiling_imp: ) it goes into service. I was going to venture a guess that the first US airport to see the A380 would be MCO or LAX, since MCO is such a leisure destination, and LAX takes in so many Asian flights, and “those” airlines (Singapore, Air Malaysia, etc.) will be the first ones to take delivery of the A380. I’m sure the “World Tour” will make a stop at JFK, and maybe even ORD or DEN. Nothing stirs up publicity like abig, frumpy jet flying into town. (Oops–Did I actually write that out loud?)


Well, we all know now that 2 A380’s are coming to LAX and JFK! Hey, is anybody going to be there?


It’s also paying a visit to Dulles. I posted a link on one of the other A380 discussions. I think NeedleNose is going to see it.


I only live about 30 miles from LAX so I might pay a visit up there when it comes in. I heard somewhere that its coming next month.


March 19.


that POS is comming to ORD on march 20, i hope iam not working that day. nothing like wasting a 12 mile hole on the final for an aircraft with no pax.


Sorry, I’m new here. Maybe somewhere else it says it. Do you mean the A-380 needs a plane separation that totals 12 miles??? 3 in front and 9 in back or what? Does it tear up the air that much?


i only glanced at the wake turb for the a380 but i belive it was 8 miles at touch down large behind the a380,another 3 to 4 for compression is 11 to 12 miles behind.


You’ll see the new standards in the 7110.65 update on the 15th of march. They’re creating a new category of wake turbulence because it creates so much. Its call the “super” category and basically is twice the separation than the Heavy category. En-route will still require 5 miles, but once it’s being sequenced in-trail for approach, 10 miles will be required, and similar spacing will be required all the way down to the airport. So, while its as big as 2 airplanes, it will also require the same spacing as 2 airplanes, so that doesn’t really help reduce delays, does it?



Its official the A380 will arrive on the North side (runway 24R) at approx. 9am. Anyone goin to go watch the beast land? Ill be there.


I may be at Dulles for the whole day on Monday if anyone might show up.



I saw on the news a couple of weeks ago that the A380 will be coming to SFO sometime in the future…Im not sure when…


forecastinternational.com/ab … cno=133272
A380 Scheduled for First Landings in U.S.

Airbus A380

TOULOUSE, France - Two Airbus A380s will fly into two U.S. destinations on March 19. A380 development aircraft MSN7 will fly some 500 passengers from Frankfurt to JFK International Airport in New York as part of a Commercial Route Proving exercise jointly performed with Deutsche Lufthansa over a 12-day period. Simultaneously, A380 test aircraft MSN1 will land at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) as part of an airport compatibility trial, which will be performed on the spot with the assistance of Qantas Airways.

As part of Commercial Route Proving, MSN7 is scheduled to make further stops in Hong Kong; Washington, DC; and Munich. The objective of the Commercial Route Proving exercise, always jointly performed with an airline, is to fine-tune the aircraft’s interior systems under realistic operational conditions on a number of scheduled flights, in preparation of its entry into service later this year. During the exercise, the A380 will be flown by Airbus test pilots as well as Lufthansa pilots. With around 500 guests on board on each of the long-distance flights, in-flight service will be provided by a full Lufthansa cabin crew.

Meanwhile, A380 MSN1 is flying to LAX for airport compatibility tests. The tests in LAX will be done in cooperation with airport authorities as well as Qantas. These tests include airfield maneuvering, docking at the terminal gate, and ground handling services and equipment, including fueling.

Since the first airport tests with the A380 in Frankfurt in 2005, the A380 has visited over 40 airports. Airbus says that by 2011, more than 70 airports around the world will be ready for A380 operations.

First delivery of an A380 to Singapore Airlines is scheduled for October 2007. The aircraft received joint European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Type Certification in December 2006. Firm orders and commitments stand at 166 aircraft for 15 customers.

Source: Forecast International Aerospace Group

Source Date: March 12, 2007

Posted: 03/12/2007