Who likes the MD-82?

Who still rates the MD-82 (if you ever did) as being a great aircraft?

Smoky MD-82 Departure Manchester Airport…

A classic aircraft in my humble opinion, but what do you guys think!

Have ridden one in many years.

I think it’s a good aircraft.

Despite alot of pax hatred for the MDs, that airplane brings back alot of memories. As a kid I can remember going to STL and seeing the Ozark 80s, and later TW. When I started working at TWE, we’d get diversions from STL regularly, and as an 18 year old punk, I thought it was pretty cool getting all this heavy metal in, and I get to park it, climb around like I know what I’m doing etc.
I’ve always thought it was one of the nicest shapes flying!

It’s still being used… I guess it’s a good aircraft. :wink:

I’m not sure why all the hate for the Mad Dog. They are quiet, since all the seats are in front of the engines. Most have 2-3 seating, so as a couple traveling neither of us have to sit in the middle (as opposed to the 737). They really don’t have that bad of a safety record. Is there something that I just haven’t experienced that makes them a bad airplane?

There’s just a group of younger people who think if an aircraft isn’t in production then it isn’t a good aircraft. They don’t understand the beauty of a MD80 or 727. They seem to think if it isn’t a wide-body then it’s not worth flying.

Hard to believe people think that…

I’m more of a fan of the MD-88 than the MD-82 (yeah, I know it’s the same plane on the outside). Work with the Maddog everyday but Delta is slowly starting to give us DC-9-50s. I use to dislike the Maddog but I’ve grown attached to it and whenever Delta retires them (probably 10-15 years from now), I want to be on the last flight.

Who doesn’t like it?

Fine A/C unless you happen to be seated in the back with the engines out of sync! Several times I’ve sent notes to the cockpit to “try the other synchronizer”.

The M80 line of aircraft are great machines and the JT8 engines purr like a Timex and roar like a tornado. Pain in the butt to work from a ground handling and load planning perspective but overall not bad.

My first MD-80 ride was on TWA, N902TW 12-1-83 CVG-STL-PDX. Crap I’m getting old!

Yes, very quiet up towards the front. But in back by the engines…it’s uncomfortably noisy!

Just have to stay out of the last two rows. I have flown from that position once, and wouldn’t do it again. But other than that, it is pretty quiet up front.

I wouldnt kick one out of bed… :slight_smile:

Other than this I guess it’s a good aircraft :laughing: :

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJhUJ_BYvGE :open_mouth:

i absolutely love flying on the lawn dart . yes this is what they called the md 80 series they called them lawn darts

No, they didn’t.

Seriously, stop posting. It’s clear you are some 12 year old pretending to be some sort of pilot/expert and doing a very bad job of it.

I found a couple of references to MD-80s being called “lawn darts”
airliners.net/aviation-forum … in/221627/
kingwoodunderground.com/topi … d=11545001

You should do a little research before calling “bullshit” on someone. :wink:

I head the DC-9-80 series called the “lawn dart” for the first time many years ago.

I didn’t fly on too many -80’s; the rides I did have were great. I love the long cabin.

Many other aircraft have been called “lawn dart” too as lots of aircraft are long and thin. It’s not a very unique nickname and not one that’s really used in the industry much as it implies the aircraft crashing.

The one used most often these days is “Mad Dog”.