MD80 take off, best of all?!?

ok guys i been thinking about this for a long time now.

i have heard all sorts a stuff about the MD80 and how it takes-off. This guy i spoke to some days ago says it takes of like a rocket!! and once it have took of, it climbs more steeply than any other AC.

is this true?, i have never heard this before on any aviation forum, like

he says that other ACs is boring compard to the MD80 take off.
If this take off stuff is true i wanna go ride the mad doggie, so is it??

i have ride it before and it feelt like the pilot was close to a stall…lol

he really let the mde climb, but is this true?

i may sound stupid but i know alot about aviation, like that the ILS is nice and such, but i really wanna know if this take off thing is the coolest among all ACs(MD80)??? (and if its the wrong forum, just move it or sumething)

regards BA first officer

“This guy” has never experienced a takeoff on a lightly loaded 757 then. :wink:


seriously, i have also heard about the B757 being extreme on take offs…

dont tell me thats it even better than the MD80…if thats the case, im gonna book me on the 757…is it really better than the dog??

i mean, the dog got the back mounted engines all of that stuff…but is the 757 better?

but i doubt that the 757 is better than the dog, but if u say it newark, but i doubt it.

i love the feeling when u think they gonna stall the plane, u wont feel that in any other plane than the MD.

and i never gonna fly the A340…that 1 sure dont climb…extreme.

Well, I crunched some numbers, and this is what I came up with in terms of thrust/weight ratios (bigger is better):

MD-81: 0.264 MTOW, 0.475 empty
MD-87: 0.268 MTOW, 0.546 empty
MD-88: 0.281 MTOW, 0.538 empty

And for the 757 (with RB211’s):

0.341 MTOW, 0.681 empty

So judging just the numbers, it appears the 757 has a bit more “kick” to it.

well cool, comes as a suprise to me, considering that i did not think the 757 could be better on the “extreme” take offs…

but i guess im gonna trust the numbers, thanks for that.

funny that the 2 best looking ACs also is the 2 with the most “kick”.

You can add this one to the good looking aircraft with “kick” category as well. :wink:

yea, i better add that to my list. u right about that.

i wonder what a take off in the cord feels like? compared to the mad dog…

The 757 has a more efficient wing then the MD-80. Thus it will climb faster but perhaps not at the angle Party seems to enjoy. The 757 far out performed its design specs and has been used in ways and on routes that were never imagined (ie ETOPS).

The down side (IMHO) of the 757’s design is turbulence. I have felt my stomach go through my head a few to many times. The only time I’ve heard people scream on a commercial flight was on a 757.

747 !! During takeoff on the way to Hawaii in a 747 back in the early 1980’s, the G (s) against us actually pushed back the blood in the cheeks on my face. THAT was a great take off.

I think the 757s “ride” like a cadillac. Smoothest takeoffs I’ve ever experienced.

Are we limiting this to Transport a/c only (yes I saw what forum it was in)? Because I’d like to throw in the 20 series Lear’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could hang a 23 from the engines if it were empty. (ok maybe not but 50 of pitch with no problem). :smiling_imp:

Man I loved those planes.

You took the words right out of my…fingertips. :wink:

Run the numbers on this one if you would:

Ok, the steepest climb I’ve flown (not counting military with afterburner climb) was probably the 767-300 ER very lightly loaded. Only got to do it once. JFK - ATL with very few people.


I assume “BA” is British Airways? What aircraft are you type rated in and how many hours do you have? It’s nice to have a pilot from across the pond!

There’s a lot of weight and engine configurations for the 763, but empty is is probably in the 0.53 to 0.6 range. Add to that an ex-fighter pilot in the front seat, and you’re in for a fun ride. :slight_smile:

Responding to Wazzu’s post, what’s wrong with turbulence? :wink:
On the 753, sitting in the back, you can actually see the plane torquing if the winds are strong enough.

You boys should try being in the front seat of a 757 coming out of John Wayne/Orange Co. The noise abatement procedure calls for 22 degrees nose up AND a power reduction. I’ve flown a cargo 757-200 with about 1/4 fuel and seen 6000+ fpm. Not bad for an airliner.

Flew jump seat in a 727 out of Midway on Sun Country. Don’t know about deck angle, but I’ve never been that nervous on a takeoff before. ALL THE RUNWAY and is wasn’t a reduced thrust takeoff.

Does anybody out there know what being “green light limited” means coming out of there anyway?

Found this:
“With an engine thrust-to-weight ratio of 1:2.2 pounds, a Model 23 can out climb an F-100 Super Sabre to 10,000 feet, and can be just as impressive on the way down.” Comes from HERE

trafly got to it before I did; I always thought that the small DC9’s had a more thrilling take off but I wonder whether that wasn’t a mind over matter thing, thinking about the engines in the back. The most “interesting” take offs I have experienced were out of John Wayne airport, doesn’t matter what type of aircraft you are in. The landings are pretty cool too.

no,lol, i sure dont fly for brithis airways. that was just a stupid joke

but i would not mind taking 1 of there 757:s out for a spinn.

i heard that the 757 caused alot of turbulence, or wake vortex. so maybe the flying pencil(757) is the best AC for a nice ride…

and yea, someone wrote about the MD80 ANGLE of take off…i think thats right, the md do have a more extreme angle of take off compared to the 757 for example…is that right?? and i do enjoy the angle, a step/extreme angle is very important when it comes to fun take offs.

The 757’s wing is known to produce more wake turbulence due to its shape. As for AOA of the 757 vs MD-80, we’d have to have a pilot come on here and comment on that.