Fastest commercial jet and airline on takeoffs ???


Just wondering if some commercial jets are faster then others on takeoff ? I flew airtran last night on a 717 pretty powerful i have too say them rolls royce engines reallly pinned me back in my seat !!! I saw some boeing 737’s and candair’s crj 200s i like those and i like watching the 757s takeoff although ive never been on the 757. But ya i’m just wondering about the 717 vs the 737 and any other aircraft that are quick on takeoff. I mean ya all jets are fast on takeoff but are there some that just make ya say holy shit !!! haha


All jets have different maximum speeds.
You have to take in to consideration the load on a jet also.
A lightly jet jet will take off faster than a heavily loaded one.


I think he’s talking about speed at takeoff.

The speeds we use when taking off are predicated on the weight of the aircraft.

Some of them could be going as fast as 180kts

The pretend-a-gulfstream I fly at max gross at sea level will be about 160kts. That’s at 35k lbs


Concorde was 220kts.



Geez, the real Gulfstream (note the capitalization) I fly has a max gross Vr of 148 and V2 of 155.

I talked to a couple of Tupolev 134 drivers years ago that said it has high takeoff and landing speeds because it has no leading edge slats. On top of that it has no thrust reversers which must make things fun during the Siberian winters. August is ok though.



With the G250, those numbers will change. plus you can chop 1,100 feet off the balanced field numbers do to the GV wing.


Yeah, the G3/4 wing does much better than the antique.


wow thats pretty fast. I like the gulfstream g550 i believe thats what it is called anyways i flew to atlanta on airtran boeing 717 and i really like that aircraft it was very smooth and pretty powerful on takeoff and landing was pretty fun i like the thrust reversers on the 717 and dc 9 there LOUD !! But anyways i live in syracuse ny and im a senior in highschool and after this year im going to rochester ny to earn my commercial pilot license and build up my hours how long did it take you to become a gulfstream pilot ? I really honestly dont care about the money i really just love flying. But what’s better being a airline pilot or private jet pilot ? in your opinion ?


A really fun airline takeoff is a lightly loaded 757 out of SNA. Line up on runway, hold brakes, bring up power to 50%, release brakes, max power takeoff, initial climb at 25 degree deck angle, then at 800ft AFL, power reduced to 55% and angle down to 15deg…weightless for a few seconds! All happens really fast but fun!


I hate it when you guys do that! My wife practically breaks my fingers when +/- 1G happens. :slight_smile:


You mean the G280. I work completions at Gulfstream Dallas. What s/n G200 you fly?