Air Tran Airways Boeing 717 ??

Hi everyone i’m sean im flying from Rochester NY, to BWI next month and I was wondering how powerful are the 717 takeoffs and whats the most powerful commercial jet airliner on takeoff haha just wonderin soon guys im going to be getting my private pilot license i can’t wait then once i graduate i will be attending ATP Flight school and i hope i am choosing a good flight school ??

They generally have a pretty strong takeoff. They have a good thrust to weight ratio and don’t carry much cargo.

However, in general pilots will only use the thrust they need to safely take off. So your best chances of experiencing a “powerful” takeoff is to fly from an airport with a short runway (like Orange County or Aspen).

welll thanks and Rochesters runway is 8000 ft long so do you think it will be powerful is that long or short runway ??

8000 ft is about average for narrowbody aircraft. They will probably use normal takeoff thrust settings unless there is unusual wind.

More than long enough. TRS flies a B712 out of KHPN, which their longest runway is roughly 6500ft. So if it can make it out of there, 8000ft is definitely not a problem.


wow ok thanks dam so sounds like 8000ft is pretty long but i live in syracuse and there runway is 90003ft long so i bet pilots love that runway have you flown out of rochester its really nice takeoff i like the 717 its my favorite aircraft and i like the crj 200 whats ur favorite plane to fly on

17 miles long, eh? Yeah, that’s plenty of room!

It seems that 717 and especially 737 pilots leaving out of MDW put the pedal to the metal, especially if fully loaded. Many’s the time I’ve zoomed past the 5000ft marker sign still on the ground. Literally no room for error at the ends of any of those runways.

hah wow il have to look for that 5000ft marker whats minimum takeoff speed for the 717??? is it like 140 mph

It depends on the weight, altitude, temperature, flap setting etc. but somewhere around 120-140 kts. would be about right for the 717

Kind of takes “Balanced Field” out of the equation huh?
I wonder how the FAA lets them do that. Although I know here in S. Florida the FAA looks the other way when it comes to BF and larger aircraft coming out of FXE

If you want a pretty scary take-off (or landing when the runway is wet) try Key West … 4800’ runway. AirTran does it with a 737-700! National and Eastern did it, back in the day, with 727s.

The big airplane manufacturers supply all sorts of data we don’t get in the corporate world. They can unbalance the field to take advantage of stopways, overruns, underruns and even gas stations if you’re a certain airline.

seand12 sounds like a nice kid. If can only get him to add a period or two in his posts . Maybe a comma here and there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gas Station, moving car, you know… what ever gets you there on time…

hey SEAND12, just don’t give them all your money upfront!!
down at orlando exec an operation which had a deal with KEY bank for
student loans for flight training, took a bunch of students money ( the whole training fee!)
and split leaving all the students the debt to pay back to Key and no ratings to show for it!!
just be careful who you give your money too. if they won’t take installments, then maybe there not the right place!!
good luck with your career!!

Use to fly to Key West jump seat on Air Florida 737-200’s-very exciting!

- YouTube)