757 takeoff distance

Check out DAL1404! It took off from a paved runway 4000 feet long! Not only did it takeoff, but it’s on a 4+ hour flight cruising at FL380. Is this realistic? A CRJ can barely takeoff from 4000 ft sometimes. How can a 200,000# plane reach 170 kts Vr in under 4000 ft? Did they have a 30 kt headwind, a 3% downhill grade, JATO boosters, and a air-to-air refueling 10 minutes after departure? (They didn’t.) The departure airport is Lake Wales Municipal, in Florida, and its identifier is X07. It’s an uncontrolled field with no IAPs or DPs.

The aircraft probably contained:
1 Pilot
1 First Officer
*Maybe *one or two other people.

I think that was a flight from Orlando that probably got picked up on radar near the Lake Wales airport.

Agreed, I’m quite sure the airplane did not actually takeoff from that airport.

Guess I’d have to agree with the both of yous. Today (7 May, 0727 PDT), the flightstill shows enroute.

Looking at the raw data, this is an odd one. Origin changed a couple times and our stuff finally got confused I think since that’s a rare situation.

Anyway, re CRJ – larger turbine aircraft often have shorter ground rolls than their regional jet counterparts.

According to Delta.com flight #1404 took off from Orlando to SLC not the previously mentioned airport.

delta.com/flifo/servlet/Delt … quest=main

somehow the most likely explanation is the controllers entered the wrong info - he probably swapped it out with an aircraft departing X07. Origin does not really matter in the ATC system once an A/C is airborne.

This 757 came out of the DL hub in MCO. Lets not get ahead of ourselves here. Remember - ALL Delta flights operate IFR for insurance coverage. The flight the day b4 and day after left MCO. Engage brain here first!