Boeing 717

How good of an aircraft is the boeing 717-200 ive seen them takeoff there much less noisey then the DC9S ??

It’s a great airplane.
Comfortable to ride in, they even look cool sitting on the ramp.

Well, the 717 is a version of the MD-90, which was an updated MD-80, which was an updated DC-9. So, a 717 is a really upgraded DC-9. And it is a rock solid airplane.

Well, the 717 is a version of the MD-90, which was an updated MD-80, which was an updated DC-9. So, a 717 is a really upgraded DC-9. And it is a rock solid airplane./quote

have you flown on air tran im flying next month on a 717 is the takeoff pretty quick i here its got some powerful rolls royce engines i love the way the 717 looks[/quote]

oh okay thanks guys where did u fly too when flew on it was it airtran ?

another thing by the way where would u rank the 717 among commercial jet aircraft is it one of the best among speed comfortability and saftey ??

It’s pretty much a DC-9/MD-80/MD-88, those have had pretty good safety records.
It’s a Jet so it’s fast and it’s as comfortable as a 737

And the simulator was a blast to fly. Didn’t know what all that glass cockpit stuff was but it was cool.

If this is your first ride in a jet, yes the takeoff will seem power-full, for some reason the SOP is pitch 90 degrees nose up (at least that’s what it feel like). So the initial climb out will feel a bit different then most jets

lol, especially if the airline bought the largest thrust rating available on the engines and the crew uses all of it for a 30 minute flight. BTW the original model designation was going to be MD-95 for marketing, and DC9-95 on the type certificate. All of that was changed when Boeing bought MD which happened before certification was complete.

Definitely a nice takeoff in all the DC-9 type aircraft. If I remember correctly, it’s about a 20 degree pitch up for takeoff. Doesn’t sound like much to the non-pilot, but it WAY up there.

haha ya my friend flew from rochester ny to baltimore and the runway was 8000ft and he said it felt like the pilots were stealing the plane they were hauling ass down the runway he said it felt more powerful then normal haha is the 717 engines really strong on takeoff compared to other commercial jets

Actually the engines are a bit smaller than the 737 engines but the 717 weighs less so you end up with a better power/weight ratio.

the boing 717 is actually the dc9 eventhough it doesnt have the skinney engines its a newer model of the dc9

I’ve done DFW-ATL, DFW-BWI, ATL-DCA, and DFW-EWR on them. I like the plane but you better ride it quick as once Southwest totally absorbs AirTran they’re gone from the US (except for Hawaiian between the islands).

Not true, Southwest has no immediate plans to get rid of the 717’s and in fact their agreement with the Airtran pilots requires that they continue to operate them for several years.

i flew kcle to katl and back on one and it was nice

I hate to see the 717 and AirTran go. I know most if not all of the 717s are going to Delta. I’ve flown the 717 all over AirTran’s network. I’ll never forget leaving out of a very backed-up LGA one stormy night, and I swear it seemed like the steepest takeoff ever, plus what felt like a near-vertical ascent to flight level. Another time, leaving out of MDW, it felt like the pilot put the pedal to the metal (so to speak) and gunned the engines full blast before releasing for the take off. Fun times. I will miss AirTran and the 717 (Delta doesn’t serve my market, so no 717s for me.)

All of them are going to Delta over the next 2 years.

Delta is currently has 717s airbourne on ATL-EWR, ATL-TYS, ATL-JAN, EWR-DTW as of 11:30 PM EDT on Friday.