Lost My Piaware data?


I had a PlanePlotter and Piaware feed into FA/ Piaware now gone. Can’t see from this page. Can i retrieve it?



You mean that you had two sites on your account and now you have only one?
If that is the case, the only explanation that I can tell is that a receiver is deleted from an user’s account after not sending data for more 30 days.
Edit: Or maybe your Pi Aware receiver has somehow messed up its software.


Exactly right…it’s worked for a while but honestly I may not have looked at it in the last month or so. I can re-create it.


All you need is your old feeder-id and then enter it on your piaware device to reactivate the old site.

If you lost you feeder-id number you can contact adsbsupport@flightaware.com and they can send your the number.