Help! My feeder site is gone!

I logged in and my feeder site is gone and I have been downgraded to a basic account. My Pi has been running just fine and I haven’t made any changes or gotten any emails about it being offline. But it is just not even on my account anymore. What happened?

This happens if your PiAware hasn’t been feeding data to FlightAware for quite some time (not sure how long but a few days at least I think – does anyone have a number?)

Check that your Pi is indeed on your network and online – you will likely find that it isn’t for some reason. A common reason might be that it has older wifi credentials set up and the wifi network was changed at some point.

You can see a list of your previously active sites at the URL

If you access this while logged in you can see the feeder-id for it, and you can use that in your PiAware config (for the SD card image it’s in /boot/piaware-config.txt) to resurrect a dormant site. As soon as you do this your account will return to Enterprise level within a few minutes.