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Site disappear off list

G’day all,

Just had a strange thing happen where one of the receivers we run [Pi running FR24 and FAware on the one device] recently vanished off my site list?

How does one get it back? Reformat the Pi and install the software? [Interestingly enough, the FR24 application continues to run] Had this setup running for about 7 months error free.


As long as you’re not getting a new Feeder-ID you might need to claim it again. Then it should appear.

Are you sure it’s disappeared completely?

Yep did vanish off my list. It appears i’ll need to get a new feeder ID. Can’t see any other way to try and reclaim it.

PiAware - Claim and Link a Brand New PiAware Ground Station - FlightAware

Have you checked if it’s working on the pi?

sudo piaware-status

Got an image above, can’t see any issues? But doesn’t appear back on my list. suggest uninstalling it and reintstall?

“not producing data”
You’re not receiving anything but i suppose you should still be able to claim it (not sure about that).

Anyhow … if you must reset your id:

sudo systemctl stop piaware
sudo piaware-config feeder-id ""
sudo rm /var/cache/piaware/feeder_id
sudo systemctl restart piaware

Did you visit the claim page?

(edit: I had a typo when initially investigating; here’s the right data…)

I see that site is claimed & associated with your user, and it is currently connected, but it has been receiving/feeding no data since 29 December 2020 and has been marked as disabled/inactive.

You’ll need to look into why there is no data being received.