Lost Ipod on Flight 1978 that Arrived in Denver from Phoenix

I hope an honest person found it pls contact me! jennmdlc@aol.com Reward!

I would contact the airline you flew on in Denver. Call their baggage service office. I know Delta (at least in KDAY) keeps track of each item found on a plane, at our ticket counter, or at our gates. If they (I’m guessing Frontier or US Airlines) keep track, they might know.

That appears to be a SWA flight. Contact Southwest… your chances are slightly higher.

How does one answer the poll if they never lost anything of value? :open_mouth:

They don’t because it’s a poll directed to people who have left something on an aircraft.

SOrry i didn’t add that option…I’m slightly envious of you and the fact that you haven’t lost anything (at the same time happy for you) I think all i’ve done online is search for ways of getting my ipod back. I have contacted SW Airlines, DIA, and Reported it to the denver police department. I am hoping, praying, that I will get it back. My family all pitched in to get it for my birthday, :cry: I really am hopeful and I’ve been spending all my time on the craigslist lost and found but to no avail.

I think I’ve spent more time emailing people who i see matches for in the lost and found and connecting them. Who knows maybe that’s why I lost my ipod, to help someone who might have a greater need than mine. Well thanks for participating in the poll!

PS…sorry for the typo on the poll. My bad!

Does leaving my luggage claim ticket in the pouch of the seat in front of me count as “value”? :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably not if you only saw what I check underneath the plane, thus me asking the question about “value”

Just messing, oh yeah, welcome to Flight Aware and I do hope your Ipod is tracked down!

What was the next stop(s) on that flight? I ask because at WN the flight crews do a speed clean and then out. Where ever that a/c spent the night is where your best shot is at finding your ipod.

I just looked up the flight it started in ONT-PHX-DEN…when you got off was it going back out? If not then like I said at the top the cleaners who do the over night clean would have located it…if it spent the night at DEN, call their bag service.

The airplane did stay there, I called and they even gave me the cleaning lady’s phone number, I called her and she said that her crew turns everything they find in to her, but that they didn’t find it. There are so many things that could have happened, a fly crew member picked it up, the girl who went back to check if it was there got it, the cleaning crew picked it up, or What i’m hoping for is, since it’s so thin, is that it’s still between the seats or something and someone honest will eventually pick it up and return it to its rightful owner.

I like your optomistic outlook, and hope it turns up for you. :slight_smile:

Wow! That’s crazy they’d give you her number. Sounds like they’ve gone above and beyond. I’d be watching eBay.

I know, they didn’t have to do that, but I am still hoping there’s a chance my ipod hits the hands of someone w/ a conscious. I hate how apple doesn’t have a way of tracking these things! It’s dumb. But I am really keeping my hopes up, 'cuz it will be a long time 'til i can save up for another one.

No offense but maybe you need a way of tracking these things. It’s just an iPod, go buy a new one and plug it in… iTunes will do the rest.

I wish i could just go buy a new one right now. But i don’t have $400 lying around to just do that. I’d have to save up for a LONG time to do something like that, so for now all i can do is hope to find mine. Ipod doesn’t have a tracking system b/c they have too many reports…you should see the report they did on dateline.


This is why people steal, b/c they know no one can trace it back to them. :frowning: Very Sad, b/c if they did have a way of tracking it there would be a lot less theft. I have seen a lot of honest people on craigslist and different forums trying to contact the owner of a lost iPod, so this is why I am still hoping.

If you believe that those people on Craigslist are all honest folks attempting to return lost iPods to their rightful owners, you’re very naive.

The mere fact that something can be traced is no guarantee against it being stolen, it certainly doesn’t prevent cars from being stolen, so stop blaming Apple for your inability to recover something you lost through no fault but your own. At $400 for a replacement I guess what you lost was either an iPhone or a Touch? If the former, call your own cell number and see if anyone answers. If they do, offer to ransom your phone. If it’s a Touch, you’re pretty much out of luck as things presently stand with regard to being able to track iPods. I suggest contacting your homeowners insurance company and filing a claim.

Sorry for your loss.

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I’m betting on at least two out of three.

Whoa, whoa, stealing Pika’s role of smart @ss remarks, eh??? :open_mouth:

one time i was on US Airways express flight from Lga-Alb i believe quite a long time ago and i left my game boy advance on it and as i was walking down the stairs a FA came down and gave it back to me :slight_smile: . I also later then lost it on a Usairways flt from Clt-FLL and i was not returned so it really depends. The smaller the plane probably the better ur chances id say.

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I’m betting on at least three out of three.

(Maybe you’re the guy who stole my iPod? if so there’s no chance of me ever seeing that thing again)

Thanks, It’s been about 4 days so, we’ll see what SWA headquarters tells me after a week?