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Left iPad on flight LH2306

Hello everyone,

I made the very human but evenso stupid mistake of leaving my iPad in the airplane last Friday. It was flight LH2306 from Munich to Amsterdam on June 28th in an Embraer E-190.

I already contacted Schiphol airport and there it isn’t found yet. I remember I left it somewhere hidden behind the flight folders so I think it might have gone airborne again.

So I am now wondering if it is possible to track down where this exact airplane has gone afterwards. Do you guys know if this is tracable, or who to reach? For sure I will call Lufthansa but I’d like to keep all options open.

Many thanks!


I take it you didn’t enable the “Find my iPad” app on your device? That would allow you to track it down, wipe it remotely, and even send a message and alert sound to it.

Yes I did all of that. But it has to be online in order for this to work and obviously it was on flightmode. Whoever has it now hasn’t turned on wifi yet…

Hi David,
That plane flew back from Schiphol Gate B13 to Munich at 18:11.
As far as I know it was a Canadair CRJ-900 with Registration #D-ACKF
I hope this helps.

I see – that makes sense. Whoever found it wouldn’t be able to turn off Airplane mode and go online unless they can access the Settings app on the iPad, and I assume the device is locked (possibly permanently now after repeated incorrect passcode entries).

One thing I would recommend is to create a image with contact information in the center, and then set that as a custom wallpaper for the lock screen only. Any honest person who finds the device would be able to contact you.

That helps a lot, thank you very much!

Hope you had it pass locked