Website tracking vs Ipad / Itouch tracking

Got to love technology! 3G worked for me 3000 and below.

Question does come up. N5321A is the tail number, my friend was PIC so I got to play on the Ipad on the return from KMEI. Seemed that the web did not pick us up for tracking on the return yet the application did using the nearby feature. Any reason for this discrepancy? We were VFR.

I did get a video of this while in the plane, will post to You Tube later on with other goodies I got to check out using the GPS feature and Foreflight application while in flight.

So, how do you like the maxipad overall?

John in Beirut

Fits like a glove :laughing:

This maxipad has the potential to re-write how we can manage our stuff in the cockpit. (No offense meant to our female counterparts with my choice of words, all in jest!)

Seriously though, I was pleased with the accuracy of the built in GPS. It tracked me without wireless or 3G turned on and accurate to 5M (I guess 5 meters?).

Glare of screen was annoying above the cloud deck and had to lean right or left or move the thing to reduce the glare, below the clouds glare wasn’t bad at all.

Size was actually not that bad and fit nicely in my lap better in the landscape position. Portrait did get cumbersome with the yoke trying to share the same airspace.

Approach plates and airport diagrams were very easy to read, You don’t need any aviation program, just download the PDF to the Ipad.

Made it a snap to read the sectional with the capability to magnify the print by zooming in and with the tracking, no need to unfold maps or change sectionals. Of course, for legality, I had paper copies (IFR enroute and plates) on board for that just in case battery taking up the ghost syndrome reared it’s uggly head.

cool, thanks.